Architect's impression of Global Sports City in Semmancheri, OMR, Chennai by CMDA

Semmancheri Global Sports city Project Overview and Development Goals

  • Semmancheri has been selected as the location for the Global Sports City due to availability and connectivity.
  • CMDA has invited consultants to conduct a feasibility study and prepare a detailed project report at the site.
  • The Tamil Nadu government announced plans for a state-of-the-art sports city during the state budget session in March.
  • The facility will include a large stadium, football grounds, athletic tracks, Olympic size swimming pool, velodrome, administrative blocks and accommodation for sports persons.

The Global Sports City in Semmancheri is intended to be a blueprint for the future of sports infrastructure in India. The primary aim is to foster a culture of sportsmanship, athleticism, and fitness, while also providing state-of-the-art facilities for professional athletes to train and compete. The city will be equipped with the latest in sports technology and science, ensuring that athletes will have the resources they need to achieve their full potential. The development will also include educational institutions dedicated to sports studies, nurturing a new generation of sports managers, coaches, and physiotherapists. This will not only benefit the athletes but also contribute to the growth of the sports industry in India.

Strategic Benefits of Location

The Global Sports City is set to become a hub for various national and international sporting events, attracting spectators from around the world. It will serve as a platform to showcase Indian sporting talent and promote a healthy lifestyle among its citizens. The city's strategic location in Semmancheri, with its proximity to Chennai and excellent connectivity, makes it an ideal choice for hosting major sporting events. This will not only put Semmancheri on the global map but also boost the local economy by creating job opportunities and generating revenue through tourism.

The project is a step towards fulfilling India's dream of becoming a major player in the world of sports. It aligns with the government's vision of promoting sports at all levels and making India a sporting powerhouse. The Global Sports City will provide world-class infrastructure, training facilities, and exposure to international standards for athletes from all over the country. It will also serve as a platform for grassroots development of various sports, encouraging participation from the youth and identifying and nurturing talented individuals.


In conclusion, the Global Sports City in Semmancheri is a much-needed initiative that will not only promote sports but also contribute to the overall development of the country. With its world-class facilities and strategic location, it has the potential to become a leading destination for sporting events and training in India. This project marks an important milestone in India's journey towards becoming a global leader in sports, and it is a testament to the country's commitment to fostering a culture of sportsmanship and fitness.

Let us all look forward to the completion of this project and witness the transformation of Semmencheri into a world-class sports city that will inspire generations to come. With its state-of-the-art amenities, focus on talent development, and potential for economic growth, the Global Sports City is bound to leave a lasting impact on the sports industry in India. It is truly an exciting time for sports enthusiasts and professionals alike, as we anticipate the rise of Semmancheri as a prominent hub for sports in the country.

So let's continue to support and encourage initiatives like the Global Sports City, which will not only benefit athletes but also contribute to the overall growth and development of our nation. Let's keep the spirit of sportsmanship alive and strive towards making India a global sporting powerhouse. The journey has just begun, and we can't wait to see where it takes us!

Global Sports City Semmencheri

Sports City Semmencherri

Semmancherri Global Sports City

Semmancherri Global Sports City

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