Night view of properties and flats in North Chennai

North Chennai is experiencing rapid infrastructure development, including the expansion of metro lines and Metrowater projects. As a result, numerous builders have begun undertaking projects in the area.

Fast Developing Locations of North Chennai for buying Property

Exciting changes are on the horizon for North Chennai's skyline. Over the next five years, at least eight residential complexes, ranging from eight to 35 floors, will be constructed in Perambur, Sembium, Madhuravoyal, Korattur, Aynavaram, Madhavaram, and Surapet.

These highrises have been recommended by the CMDA's multi-storeyed building panel for government approval. Furthermore, with the government's announcement of a ₹1,000 crore North Chennai development plan, both CMDA officials and builders are optimistic that more highrises will grace the area

Best Property Developers migrate from South to North Chennai

Previously, permissions for tall buildings were predominantly granted in South Chennai, particularly Tambaram and OMR However, there has been a recent surge in proposals for highrises in North Chennai. This shift can be attributed to improved connectivity due to the metro, the availability of land parcels, and the untapped potential of the market. Nevertheless, residents are urging for improved infrastructure to keep pace with this growth.

What Industry leaders say about Properties in North Chennai

Sanjay Chugh, city head and director of Anarock Property Consultants, believes that the interest in North Chennai stems from the enhanced connectivity resulting from the expansion of the metro rail. Furthermore, the availability of land parcels in the untapped market, combined with lower costs per square foot, makes North Chennai an attractive option.

K K Thirumalai, president of the Flat Promoters Association, Ambattur and Avadi, adds that it has become increasingly difficult to find land for highrise construction in the core city, making the northern parts more appealing. The metro also makes travel to the core city much easier.

Suman Voora, executive committee member of CREDAI Chennai, highlights the development potential of the beach-facing stretch in north Chennai. His company has already executed a 24-storeyed beach-facing building near the toll gate.

What needs to be improved for the growth of North Chennai

However, residents have concerns about the capacity of the locality to handle such growth. Raghukumar Choodamani, convener of the Perambur Neighbourhood Development Forum, emphasizes the need for sustainable development and improvements in infrastructure. He notes that the sewage lines were laid during the British period and do not function properly. Adequate pavements are also lacking. These issues need to be addressed to accommodate the current population of the area.

Properties in North Chennai - The right time to plan and buy

North Chennai is fast becoming a hub for real estate development, with many top builders in Chennai eyeing the locality for its numerous benefits. Among these factors are improved connectivity, availability of land, lower costs, and a committed government. This year, the area has seen 13 new projects registered, including two high-rise buildings. With all these exciting developments, there's no better time to plan and purchase your dream home in North Chennai. By getting in early, you'll save big and secure a prime piece of real estate in one of the city's most promising neighborhoods. Don't wait too long to make your move- plan first and buy fast to take advantage of this burgeoning real estate market.

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