Customer Centric Initiatives

Customer Centric Initiatives To Customers, with Love

This exclusive customer loyalty program opens up an exciting world of rewards and privileges. On special occasions such as customer birthdays, anniversaries and each time our customers refer a family member or a friend to the DRA community, they earn points which can be redeemed by them at premium retail outlets. It's a small way of expressing our appreciation and gratitude towards customers for their continued love and support.

Customer Centric Initiatives Say Cheese

At DRA, we believe in building bonds and multiplying the feel good quotient. We strengthen customer relationship by regularly organizing events, get-togethers and movie outings with existing customers. We even offer free site visits for customers to see their dream home taking shape. In order to effectively engage with customers, we conduct an event called Customer Connect, where aspiring home buyers have an opportunity to speak with existing customers. This helped our prospective buyers to get an insider's view of things. Right from customer service to project deliverability, they got to hear about it all from the horse's mouth!

Customer Centric Initiatives
Customer Centric Initiatives

Real Estate tips straight from his lips

A quintessential South Indian who genuinely believes in offering real estate tips to simplify the world of real estate for the home buyer. Born with a funny bone and a soft spot for Pathetic Jokes, Subbu has a fairly encyclopedic knowledge of the real estate industry and thinks it's his sacred duty to share his pearls for anyone who cares to listen. Sqft Subbu is a brain child of ours and we believe that this initiative will enlighten home buyers in a funny way.

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Customer Centric Initiatives Construction
Timeline Meter

A pioneering approach and an innovative spirit are two acknowledged game changers, no less so when one is in the business of developing properties. Right from our inception, we at DRA have embraced these two qualities and cut through clutter to set industry standards. Our new “Construction Timeline Meter” which has been kept at our project site in Tuxedo, Velachery is another feather to our cap. DRA is the first developer to display “Construction Timeline Meter” which keeps showing live countdown for our project completion date. We are happy that this customer centric initiative of ours has brought cheer to all our home buyers and confidence to those seeking to buy our property.

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Customer Centric Initiatives
Customer Centric Initiatives

Access at anytime, from anywhere

We have launched an online customer portal for all our existing customers which will help them to access all their home-related documents & information such as allotment letter, agreements, statement of accounts, payment receipts, project construction updates etc., with just click of a button. This portal ensures that customers stay updated about their home and enjoy peace of mind.