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Since the past 5 years every single locality that lies along the OMR or nearby it has experienced rapid infrastructural development and if it hasn’t then it means that the development in that locality is still under progress. The neighbourhood around OMR enjoys good roads & great traffic circulation, be it human or vehicles thanks to the numerous IT parks and SEZ’s established alongside it, the presence of these companies have fuelled the growth of commercial & residential real estates and have caused property prices in this zone to rise at a rapid pace.

Real estate prices in this area are quite stable at present, however, once the planned government projects that are currently under construction reaches its completion the prices would spike almost immediately. Though real estate prices sometimes experience a temporary downturn, they always give good returns in the long term. Land in this locality is becoming scarce as luxury apartments are popping up nearly everywhere. While it is good news to some it may not seem good for many more, as not everyone can afford to invest in luxury apartments.

The prime reason for the growth of such apartments in this locality is the presence of major shopping malls, hospitals, schools, colleges and cinema theatres. OMR is also close to several scenic landmarks of Chennai ranging from beaches to natures reserves that form scenic background with these apartments. Owning an apartment in this locality will bring in a steady stream of rental income but without a good on after and plan, it is not advisable to begin investing. A Luxury apartment makes great homes to move-in with your family, but it isn’t a profitable investment for rentals as passing through multiple hands spoils the interiors especially when your tenant’s occupation involves constant transfers like in case of IT’s and Tech. companies.

Thus, when making a pure real estate investment one should search for an apartment that is affordable, easy to maintain and would always be in a locality that tenants prefer to live. Finding an affordable 2BHK apartment of 700-800 sq. Ft in this locality, however, can be harder than finding the needle in a haystack. But, what if an affordable apartment at just Rs 41 Lakhs All Inclusive becomes available, what if you get to book your home with just Rs 3 lakhs as your down payment and above all what if you get to make double the rental return on your apartment in comparison to an apartment of similar size in this neighbourhood which includes the free apartment maintenance for 5 years, all these features are offered by DRA’s latest TRULIV project.

DRA’s TRULIV, Navalur is Chennai’s first fully furnished serviced apartments aimed at co-living; by investing in this project, you not only own a fully furnished apartment but also earn guaranteed Rs 2.1 Lakhs on rent per year, this is double the rental return of an apartment of similar size in this area. DRA’s TRULIV’s co-living apartments are created to cater to the needs of IT professionals and corporate guests, who often don’t stay for a longer duration at one place. TRULIV offers state-of-art accommodations for these constantly moving high paying tenants while making profitable returns on investment. Co-Living is an emerging trend in India and is estimated to have an INR 1 Trillion market value. DRA offers its rental services for 5 years with free apartment maintenance after which you can choose to extend the contract or bring in tenants of your choice.

Some of the additional benefits of owning an apartment at TRULIV are as follows:

  • High property appreciation.
  • Greater Income Tax Benefits under section 80C & 24.
  • State-of-art Amenities etc.

  • While following is the list of furnishings offered:

  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Cot
  • Television
  • Air Conditioner
  • Wardrobes
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Refrigerator etc.,

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