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When buying a property, the criteria often given highest priority is convenience. Convenience can be explained in different ways, for example, it could refer to the proximity of workplace from residence, safe & comfortable living environment, availability of proper roads, frequency of transport service, secure & friendly neighbourhood, uninterrupted supply of essentials like electricity, water, and gas or access to outlets that sell food and other domestic necessities etc., While some prefer to live in a peaceful and secluded environment by sacrificing a little on convenience, most prefer to live in bustling cities where all the important necessities are available nearby. A place which provides a multitude of such convenience results in the creation of a micro market of different goods, thereby improving the economy of this place and its surrounding vicinity, it indirectly causes a rise in the value of property available there. A property situated in such a location is worth investing into, as future returns would be more rewarding in comparison to current investment.

One such location in Chennai would be Velachery, with a new flyover set to be inaugurated here at the end of the year, properties in and around Velachery are about toexperience a steep rise in their price. It would become a major hub connecting city core with Outskirts. With real estate prices expected to experience a swift increase in this vicinity, it is currently estimated to be the most ideal time to invest here. TUXEDO from DRA is the cherry on the cake for any investors planning to purchase apartments near Velachery Flyover. Located just a stone throw away from Velachery MRTS, less than a minute away by car from the new Velachery Flyover and Bus Stop, TUXEDO occupies the prime position in being able to access all major transport routes. This gated community provides all modern amenities like gym, 2-level security, recreation facility, uninterrupted power supply etc., making it an ideal and comfortable adobe to move into after a long day of work. Shopping malls and movie theatres like Phoenix Market City, Grand Mall, PVR cinemas are present in this neighbourhood. Retail outlets consisting of both domestic and foreign brands like Saravana stores, Kalyan Jewellers, McDonald's and Domino’s Pizza etc., are also available in this locality, so shopping and entertainment services can be conveniently accessed. Velachery flyover project is expected to reach its conclusion this year, thus it is advised to invest in TUXEDO pronto as prices currently are comparatively low. Once the Velachery Flyover gets inaugurated, property in this area is expected to experience a major rise in value, becoming a real estate asset which is strategically positioned at a place that connects the core of Chennai City with its Outskirts.

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